Golf Ball Size Wantons

Noodles Wanton Wanton Soup

Tough Club Wantons, fat & juicy!

Laifabar uses a mix of lean and fatty meats in our wantons! The sweetness comes from the fatty cuts, and the chewiness comes from the leaner parts. They are wrapped in smooth and silky egg skins that conceals the minced meat. The wantons are soaked in broth that has been brewing for 7 Hours to keep the consistency of the soup thick & tasty. It’s true! Our skin to meat ratio is 1:3, just check out how meaty and fleshy our wantons are! Plump and packed with succulent goodness, giving off a better mouthfeel, as promised, sweet and fresh.

Our wantons are wrapped to look like yummy Tsui Mais! There is barely any extra skin branching out from the top! The thickness of our skin is approximately 0.05cm. The skin is so thin you can barely taste it, this allows the emphasis to beon the fillings. Yum.

Our wanton are comparable to the size of Gold balls. 

Buoyant and Aromatic.

Rows and Columns  of wantons. Yum.

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