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Walking down memory lane, Laifabar takes you back to more than a century ago to explore the different flavours and tastes of each era. We embrace change, noble heritages and honouring lasting traditions that is translated into the taste of our dishes. Each bowl indulges us with a nostalgic experience. The familiar nuances of taste after each bite will accompany you on your journey back to the timeless discovery of how the flavours evolve with time. Laifabar invites you to reminisce this route with us as we share our delectable voyage together.​

Traditional Old School Wanton Noodles! Laifabar serves history in a bowl. A taste of remembrance that lingers in your mouth since 1978. Our noodles represent versatility with time, wantons are wrapped with pride, meat seasoned with sincerity and soup boiled with passion. This concoction allows our dish to evoke timelessness. The texture of our noodles are thin and refined, consistent yet silky. We toss our noodles in a sweet marinade with a tinge of spice, adequate enough to give that tangy kick in flavour. Tender, succulently & tasty char siew adds a burst to the flavours along with our golden wantons that complete the whole dish. The sauce binds all these delicious elements together to give you a perfect bowl of wanton noodles.

Laifabar is strict and meticulous when it comes to preparing their dishes. They only use the finest and most premium of ingredients to conjure a perfect bowl. The sauce is made out of 20 different types of herbs, brewed and infused daily, crafted from scratch. The chef/owner believes that the sauce is the key ingredient that rounds up the dish. Our Char Siew and Crispy Roasted Pork is fired daily to ensure freshness of the meat and that quality is never compromised.

The recipe is a family heirloom. The owner’s grandmother was a simple lady selling noodles & fritters during her younger years. An unembellished pushcart on the streets of Kranji Singapore during 1978. The owner, had bigger dreams, unaware of his grandmother’s history, he set out to start his own restaurant at the age of 26. Laifabar started as a fancy western diner in the day and by nightfall, a wine and dine rooftop bar overlooking Singapore’s Heritage at Ann Siang Hill. Unfortunately, before things could take off, Covid 19 hit Singapore and the Circuit Breaker was forced upon for the better of the nation.

To the owner’s dismay, he confided in his grandmother over a bowl of her homecooked Wanton Noodles. She began to share her shortcomings and how she did not have the privilege to carry on her Pushcart business when she was younger. Inspired by her story, he audaciously reworked the concept that he had always dreamed of to carry on in his Grandmother’s name.

Today, Laifabar is the epitome of heritage and modernity. The name Laifabar was inspired by the Chinese saying “来發” which meant “welcoming Prosperity”. The owner was inspired by his grandmother to catalyse the idea tradition with a twist of modernity. To convey his vision through the taste of their wanton noodles. With her recipe as base, he crafted his own ingredients to refine the flavours and pilot it into this century. With the help of his grandmother they amalgamated modernity and heritage into a bowl of wanton noodles. They Incorporated the beliefs & know-how's of traditional cooking methods with the new and that was the birth of Laifabar.  

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