Golden Crackling Goodness : Experience Umami with our Roasted Pork.

Crackling Crispy Roasted Pork Sio Bak

At Laifabar, we pride ourselves with our homemade Roasted Pork (Sio-Bak 烧肉). Our roasted crispy pork has a good balance of thin crackling skin complimenting tender meat and dripping, delicious fat that literally melts in your mouth. Our Crispy pork is fragrant and is consistent in its texture. The juicy fat sits above the tender lean meat, resting above them is the crackling skin. A burst of flavour that lingers in your palate when bitten. A definite steal for Roasted Pork Lovers, this 3 layers of heaven is not to be missed.

Look at how the blisters formulate above the skin, the air pockets in the skin creates a gap for the air to escape creating a nice crispy finish at the end. An uneven crispy golden brown surface is formed. At one glance you can already identify the skin, fats & lean part, they are distinctively segmented into 3 layers.

Marinated for days and roasted at high temperature using the best equipment. Our 烧肉 has crispy skin while exuding its sweet juices from the fatty parts! It’s satisfying and addictive to hear the crackling sound of the 烧肉 echo with every bite. The sweet and savoury couples well creating well-balanced chemistry. A complex tang of our 烧肉. Glistening blistering skin, with even ratios of skin to fats to meat. Experience Umami, as the roasted pork slowly dissipates into nothingness. The crackling skin & melt-in-your-mouth texture along with the explosive burst of flavour will leave you wanting more. (As said by SethLui)

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