No More Soggy Noodles!

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What comes across your mind when you think of “Noodles DaBao!”
Yes, that’s right, you end up with soggy, clumpy and No Longer Well Seasoned Noodles. Laifabar is extremely particular when it comes to the quality of our noodles, be it, dine-in or takeaway! We take pride in our Noodles! Thus, Laifabar has come with a unique packaging that eliminates all of those issues!

Sauce Factor:
We pack the seasoning and base separately from our noodles! Noodles have the tendency to absorb liquid due to their open pores when dipped in hot water, turning the texture of the noodles from springy to soft and mushy. When the noodles start to become soggy, it will begin to lose its elasticity and clump together. When the noodles are freshly cooked and mixed with seasoning on the spot, the heat is allowed to escape from the noodles to the surroundings. Juxtapose to cooking it, seasoning it, and keeping it in an enclosed container.

Unintentional Cooking:
The heat from the noodles creates moisture, when kept in an enclosed packaging, the noodles will continue to cook due to the heat escaping from the hot noodles creating a convection current within the enclosed packaging.  

Laifabar pays meticulous attention in every aspect when it comes perfecting the craft of noodles cooking. From the temperature, environment to packaging, we’re always finding ways to better your dining experience. Our packaging is labelled so that our customers will not have a tough time trying to figure out who's is what, and what is who's! Especially for bulk orders, what a headache! Our smart packaging eases that process of sorting so that every individual packet is easily recognisable. 

Have fun serving up your own noodles! 
Step 1: Pour the soup base.
Step 2: Pour the Seasoning.
(You can pour both at the same time!)
Step 3: Give it a good mix.
Step 4: INDULGE.

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