Chili Hot Spicy

Singaporeans love spicy food. If you have ordered or dined-in with us before, I’m sure you have heard of The ‘超级辣辣椒’. A must try at The House Of Laifabar. Freshly made in batches daily. WARNING: Only for Spicy Lover. We hand-picked the freshest Chilis from the market very morning and blend them at our shop. Our spicy concoction pairs well with absolutely everything. Sio Bak, Char Siew, Fried Wantons, Taupok, even our noodles. It’s too hot to handle. Despite the burning sensation, it is also extremely addictive, you can’t resist for second helpings. Do not let the light orange colour deceive you, many of our customers have been misled that our chili was leaning towards the milder side due to the colour, but do not be fooled!

Credits : SETHLUI

Our chili is made into a paste form, there are no remanence of chilli skins or even the seeds. We do not add additives or colourings into our chilli as we believe that it takes down the spiciness by a notch. We keep it as fresh and as natural as we can. We are looking into mass producing our chilli for spicy lovers to pair it with their homecooked food! When dining in or takeaway, we are conservative about our chilli and we only dare serve customers this chili when they order variations of Spicy Noodles. Even when we serve it on a saucer on the side, we barely fill the saucer up. We do not recommend non frequent spicy eaters to try Laifabar’s Chili. No amount of milk will be able to ease the spice. Surprisingly, it’s not just hot and spicy, many customers love the chilli for its intense flavour. The smell of our chili is not as stiff as Balachan, yet, not as light as Sambal. It has a fragrant touch to its spiciness.


Our staff hates washing our chili off the saucers, it gives their eyes and nose a burning sensation like wasabi! You have to try out highly raved chili!


Phua Chu Kang Mr Gurmit Singh loves our Chili! He says "Waaa you were not kidding when you said it was spicy! But Shiok! Tomorrow confirm go toilet many times! But worth!"

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