Fresh, Premium, Quality – The Words we live by.

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According to the dictionary’s definition, “Fresh” in layman terms means New or Different. For Laifabar’s case it means Prepared every morning bright and early! We pledge to only serve the best quality ingredients that will be freshly prepared at the dawn of everyday. Our Chef Royce hand picks his meats and vegetables by heading to the markets early in the morning even before the sun rises. The conventional and convenient way would be to order the supplies from a local supplier and have them delivered with ease. Surely but Truly, that will not assure the quality he strives to achieve.

From choosing his ingredients at its rawest state to cooking it at its finest stage is of paramount importance. Every milestone is crucial. He is a traditionalist when it comes to selecting ingredients. He wants to see, feel and smell the quality of the stock before personally packing them up back to our kitchen. His innate capacity for detail has garnered Laifabar many praises.

Apart from Fresh, Royce only uses premium ingredients in Laifabar’s dishes. He is meticulous and extremely particular when it comes to selecting Top grade ingredients. 

Apart from tasting good, using freshly prepared ingredients also benefits our customers’ health! When cooking with fresh ingredients, our food can retain a lot more nutrients compared to frozen foods. He strictly avoids artificial flavourings, food colourings, pesticides and preservatives.

Without the aid of artificial substances, we have to explore methods to achieve and extract natural flavours from our ingredients. Preserved food loses taste after sitting on the shelf for a few days, but fresh ingredients with no preservatives provide a more natural flavour when used on the same day.

Fresh food allows customers to savour the genuine wholesomeness that comes from fresh ingredients. Fresh Foods are healthier, taste better, and are visually more alluring on the plate. Royce’s efforts are nevertheless appreciated by local foodies and true wanton mee lovers. You can taste the effort he puts in every bowl served to your table.

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