AhMa's Exploding TauPok.

Chilli Fried SideDish Signature Taupok

Laifabar's Signature 'Taupok' (ToFu Puffs) by Chef's Grandmother!
The heart of this Hakka Styled 'Taupok' is in it's fillings, well marinated minced meat, naturally sweet to the bite. Stuffed in spongy surrounds of pocket 'Taupok'. 

has a unique name to. It's denotation, Exploding Taupok, due to it's generous fillings that are oozing out from the pockets. No dish in Laifabar does not take effort to prepare & cook.

For this particular dish, we marinate the meat and allow it to sit for a day before we use it for stuffings in the 'Taupok'. This is to ensure that the seasoning sips into the meat. We fill the pockets up with a generous dollop amount of meat and prepare to steam it.

Our customers love that our meat to skin ratio is 3:1. However, this poses a challenge for us, the thicker the 'Taupok' the longer it takes to cook. We have to ensure that the meat is not undercooked or overcooked. Thus, we have to undergo various cooking methods to produce a crispy and well cooked 'Taupok'

Crispy skin on the outside, juicy fillings in the centre! You get a balance of crunch and lusciousness! What's unique about the nature of 'Taupok' is, it absorbs all the natural sweetness of the meat into the spongy centre and holds the flavours there. When bit, the juices ooze out! What a surprise! 

Everyone knows Laifabar For it's 'Super Spicy Spicy Chili' but for our 'Signature Taupok' we recommend a different type of spice to pair with. it's tangy and leaning towards the sour side. A little bit spicy, but bearable! It tickles your tongue but definitely consumable for non-spicy lovers. It will give you the kick you are looking for! 

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